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Mobile application for runners

How to download RunCalc: Run browser in your mobile, go to, click Download RunCalc and accept the application. You can download Android version from Google Play or check in your phone Settings -> More -> Security -> checkbox Unknown sources and download .apk file from RunCalc portal.

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My name is Robert Celiński. Running is my passion, programming is my job and hobby. After running 90 marathons on 7 continents I know what runners need to calculate before, during and after their trainings and races. Moreover, in most cases they need to do it fast. I thought it could be great to do all the sophisticated calculations on a mobile phone that is very easily accessible even during your training.

RunCalc is a free application that you can install on your mobile phone. It works on all phones supporting Java and Android apps. RunCalc web application works on all devices with Internet connection (e.g. iPhone, Windows Phone). RunCalc offers a lot of calculators, heart rate monitor, pedometer, converter and 7-language translator. You can train and measure other runners' time using advanced stopwatch with GPS (built-in or Bluetooth module). Data from your mobile phone can be sent to Internet and your supporters can track you on-line or get SMS messages after each your km/mile. RunCalc is translated into 7 languages, covers both metric and imperial units and conversion between them. Additional feature is RunCalc Game that allows you to run on popular marathon courses and compete with elite runners. You can play the game not only by pressing the keys but also while running (the game may be connected do GPS). The application is connected to RunCalc portal, where you can watch your trainings and draw a running course on a map.

If you want to run and count faster, you can count on RunCalc ;-)

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