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RunCalc - mobile application for runners

RunCalc is available in 3 versions: Java, Android, web application. This documentation refers mainly to Java version. Almost all features are available also in other versions but sometimes there are slight differences between them.
Feature Parameters Description Example


RunCalc settings

Access code (4 digits) - without it you cannot access RunCalc. It changes each month. You can download actual access code by registering on and logging in each month. You can also enter RunCalc ID (login), password and enable Internet connection. Actual access code will be sent automatically to your mobile.

Application settings: Language (choose one of 7 languages), Pace unit (metric or imperial units can be used), Sound, Stopwatch type (see Stopwatch section below), RunCalc ID (your login on, Password, Send to Internet? (you can enable Internet connection and send your training data to after each stopwatch lap), Publishing (trainings can be private by default or can be published on Facebook automatically), Send SMS? (send SMS after each lap to a number given below), SMS number.

Personal settings: (stored within RunCalc and used by default in your calculations): Sex, Age, Weight (kg), Height (cm), Resting HR (bpm), Heart Rate max (bpm), Foot length (mm).

Converter settings: Exchange rate, Time zone diff. (+/- hours).


normal, intervals, target, referee, GPS, GPS autolap, GPS ultra

Multi-function stopwatch. Choose 'intervals' option while running intervals. 'Target' option allows controlling your target during a race. 'Referee' option is designed for race referees who register runners' times and bib numbers. This option may be useful for athletic couches to measure laps for a few runners simultaneously. 'GPS' allows you to connect your stopwatch to GPS. You can monitor your location on a map during trainings and races. 'GPS autolap' is automatic stopwatch. You can start stopwatch, lock keypad (press '#*') and put mobile in your pocket. Stopwatch catches laps automatically e.g. after each km and can send your data to server ( to let others to track you on-line. 'GPS ultra' saves battery by getting your location after longer intervals (e.g. each 10 minutes) and catches laps after that. In Android version, GPS gets location after 15-second intervals.

You can switch screens during traing to analyze data (distance, pace, laps, resizable map, elevation profile). Option keys for stopwatch types:

normal, interwals, target: arrows up/down - lap; #* or DC - lock/unlock keypad

referee: Change - change start time; Change x2 - additional digit keys (form smartphones); 7 or B - increase/decrease time board

GPS, GPS autolap, GPS ultra: 1 or A - change map type; 7 or B - increase/decrease time board; 3/9, arrows up/down - change map scale; in GPS autolap option you should set autolap (in meters) to catch laps automatically; one training is limited to 150 laps, so maximal training distance is as follows: 20 m -> 3 km (1.8 mi), 40 m -> 6 km (3.7 mi), 60 m -> 9 km (5.6 mi), 80 m -> 12 km (7.4 mi), 100 m -> 15 km (9.3 mi), 120 m -> 18 km (11.1 mi), 160 m -> 24 km (14.9 mi), 200 m -> 30 km (18.6 mi), 240 m -> 36 km (22.3 mi), 300 m -> 45 km (28 mi), 400 m -> 60 km (37 mi), 500 m -> 75 km (46 mi), 1000 m -> 150 km (93 mi). As for GPS ultra: 2 min -> max 5 h, 3 min -> 7,5 h, 4 min -> 10 h, 5 min -> 12,5 h, 6 min -> 15 h, 10 min -> 25 h, 12 min -> 30 h, 15 min -> 37,5 h, 20 min -> 50 h, 30 min -> 75 h, 60 min -> 150 h.

From version 8:40 Android there is also Auto+ option that automatically increases autolap when 150 laps limit is reached and cumulates data from previous laps. Thanks to it, you don't have to know the distance and time of your training before the start - Auto+ option adjusts everything automatically.

From version 8:36 Android there is also GPS game option that allows to run a marathon on a course 60 times shorter than normal. You should keep your best pace for about 700 meters. If you keep 3:00/km, you can even win this marathon among 1000 runners. Handicap option is available, as well.

Stopwatch can send data to Internet each time you press 'Lap' button, it can send SMS to a given telephone number, as well.

How to configure stopwatch to enable Internet connection: 1. your mobile phone should be able to connect to Internet, 2. set application access for RunCalc: -> communication -> network access -> ask first time only (menu description depends on phone model), in case of GPS connection: -> communication -> connectivity -> always allowed, 3. start RunCalc, 4. enter access code, RunCalc ID and password that you set previously on, 5. set "Send to Internet?" option to "Yes" or "Lap" (in case you would like to send information after each lap), 6. Press OK and confirm network access; Now, you can send data from your mobile to It allows your supporters to track you on-line e.g. on a marathon course.

RunCalc collects location data to enable stopwatch operation, even when the application is closed or not used. Location data can be sent to RunCalc portal at user's request, and also sent in background, if it is selected in application settings: Internet = Lap.


data registered in stopwatch

Stopwatch history, training and laps details, export/import to/from RunCalc portal.


numbers, operations

Basic calculator.


distance, time

Calculates pace, treadmill pace, projected time for marathon, half, 15K, 10K while maintaining this pace.


distance, pace

Calculates time.


time, pace

Calculates distance.


interval time, break time

Interval training settings. Data is used in stopwatch that plays sound when you should start or finish your interval. In web application intervals are set on stopwatch screen.

Pace chart

distance, time, lap

Presents pace chart that can be used in stopwatch.

Run and walk

distance, run pace, walk pace, run interval time, walk interval time

Presents run and walk intervals (Galloway method).

Record analysis

distance, time, sex

Calculates forecast for marathon, half marathon, 10 km, 5 km, Cooper test, estimates your place among 1000 runners, calculates VO2max, compares your personal best with world record. You can import your personal records and update actual world records (Import button).

Place forecast

distance, time, number of participants

Estimates your place forecast out of a given number of participants.

Body mass index

weight, height

Calculates BMI to check your proper weight.


weight, time, pace

Calculates number of calories burned while running.

Heart rate

heart rate

Manual heart rate monitoring (by pressing keys to the rhytm of your heartbeat). It can also be used as a pedometer. In Android version RunCalc can measure heart rate when you put your finger on camera lens. It also works like a torch (flash is on).

Heart rate zones

HR rest, HR max

Sets heart zones.

Stride length

pace, cadence

Measures stride length and calculates number of steps per distance.

Cadence analysis

cadence, stride length

Calculates your pace based on your cadence (steps per minute) and stride length.

Slope steepness

distance, elevation

Useful for uphill training and mountain races.

Pace uphill

surface, incline, pace

Estimates your corresponding pace in ideal running conditions (treadmill, 0% incline).

Time difference

time A, time B

Calculates difference between time A and time B.

Cooper test

age category, sex

Cooper test tables.

Shoe size

foot length

International shoe size comparison.



Converters: miles-kilometers, min/mile-min/km, pounds-kilograms, feet-centimeters, yards-metres, degr. Fahrenheit-degr. Celsius, currency, time zones.



Dictionary covers about 700 words connected with running. It allows translating words between following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugal and Spanish.


GPS settings

RunCalc 3.10 and above works with GPS via Bluetooth and built-in GPS, as well. On some devices you should set GPS update time to more than 1 second. Bluetooth - should RunCalc external GPS device via Bluetooth; GPS Bluetooth - external GPS device name; Update (sec) - GPS update interval; Autolap (m) - after how many meters next autolap should be registeted (GPS autolap); in Android version this option is set on stopwatch screen; Distance + elevation - should elavation changes be included in distance calculation; Correction - should distance be corrected after each lap (important when GPS signal is poor); Correction (+%) - how much the distance from the last lap should be increased; Speed limit - limit possible speed to 44 km/h - avoid strange GPS bahaviour; in Android version this option is set on stopwatch screen (No/16/24/48 km/h or 10/15/30 mph); GPS file path (x:/xx) - GPX export file path; Countdown (sek) - Countdown before start; Autolap ultra (min) - how often GPS signal and laps should be caught (GPS ultra); Autostop - stop stopwatch in case of layover (not available in GPS ultra); Undulation - undulation ration on this area - influences GPS elevation (Android); Panoruna - increase or decrease camera view angle by a percent (Android); Map rotation - rotate map according to compass or GPS (Android); Simulation - simulate location (Android)


file path to map image, north-west and south-east coordinates of the map

Settings of a map that you can use during your training. It can be calibrated upon actual coordinates. You can define as many maps as you want and switch between them even during a training. You can import calibrated map from RunCalc portal (Android).


database with mountain peaks

Mountain panorama available in Android version. Read more here.


user's data, sex, marathon course, screen resolution, map scale, autopilot

Run on famous marathon courses. Recall your memories from these races or run the marathon on your mobile phone before you really do it on your legs. Be prepared for weather conditions, streets you will be passing and elevation difference. Compete with elite male and female runners and break marathon world record!

Playing the game is easy. You increase your pace by pressing arrows towards course direction and decrease the other way round. You take turns by pressing arrows before turn points. If you press it too early or too late - you will stop. Remember to take water by pressing navigation key - it will increase your strength. 8 water stations are located after each 5 kilometers or 3 miles. Don't run too fast (red pace zone) - your energy sources will be depleted and you may even not finish the marathon :-/

Your results are saved and your level gets higher if you win marathons. At the beginning you are a Raising Star, after winning first marathon you become a Star, if you win 4 different marathons, you become Big Star and when you have won 7 - you are Super Star. My advice is to start with the smallest marathons and win 4 of them to increase your level and improve your skills.

You may also compete in World Marathon Majors series that covers 4 races: 2 times in spring (Tokyo, Boston, London) and 2 times in autumn (Berlin, Chicago, New York). You get points for places in top 5 (respectively 1. 25, 2. 15, 3. 10., 4. 5, 5. 1), that are summed up after 4-race series. In WMM competition you automatically get Super Star level.

If you want to compete with another RunCalc user, you both should synchronize your settings. You can do it by setting the same time on your mobiles. Choose Synchronize option and decide for the same course. You will have the same weather conditions and your 3 competitors will run the same on both mobiles (random conditions change every 3 minutes). Compare your results after the race and check out, who ran faster.

If you want to make a simulation of your race, set your marathon pace using Pace chart option and then set Autopilot game option to Yes. If you want to check best game permormance, set this option to Pro.

You can also play via GPS. Turn on GPS (Stopwatch type in Settings), and seled the Game option Autopilot = GPS. You have to run 1/60 marathon, which is exactly 703.25 m. Your current speed controls the game. To win a marathon, you have to keep 3:00 min/km pace for more than 2 minutes. You can also increase you autopilot speed by 10% or 20%.

If you want to play the game on a mobile phone, keypad is recommended, touch screen is not a good solution. The game is available also in web application. You get the best control over Marathon Game with PC keyboard.


joints warm-up, dynamic exercises, stretching

Illustrated set of warm-up and stretching exercises. Joints warm-up and dynamic exercises are recommended before training, stretching - afterwards. This option is available in web app. There's also a link in Android version.

User settings

At start RunCalc displays setup screen where you can enter your personal settings: pace unit, sound, stopwatch type, RunCalc ID, password, communication settings, sex, age, weight, height, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, foot length, exchange rate, time zone difference. These settings will be default for further calculations on your mobile.

International settings

RunCalc is available in seven languages languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish. You can choose from two options of pace measurement - min/km, min/mile.

Technical overview

RunCalc should work on all mobile phones supporting Java (J2ME) and Android. Installation procedure for Java version depends on manufacturer and model of your phone. The application can be downloaded from the Internet on to your phone, copied from your computer using USB cable or via Bluetooth. In case of Andriod version it's recommended to download it from Google Play. You can use web app on

Privacy policy

Communication with RunCalc server is secured through user name or e-mail address and encrypted RunCalc password. The application uses location information which can be sent to server if user set on-line tracking. Camera access is used in heart rate monitor and Panoruna option.


Author: Robert Celinski (application, RunCalc portal). Translation: Anna Celinska (Italian), Alexandre Guimaraes Tadeu de Soares (Portuguese), Maciej Rudnik (Spanish), Wojciech Starzynski (French), Jacek Swiercz (German). Warm-up model: Anna Celinska.

We restrict access to application by using a four-digit code that changes every month. You can log in on to get actual code or download it directly from your mobile.

RunCalc versions

Please report bugs and comments to: If you want to remove your RunCalc portal account, please send an e-mail to this address.

(c) 2010 - 2024 Robert Celiński, Byledobiec Anin