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RunCalc application privacy policy

RunCalc uses and collects location data (GPS) in background to enable stopwatch operation, even when the application is closed or not used. Location data can be sent to RunCalc portal at user's request, and also sent in background, if it is selected in application settings: Internet = Lap. Function using location in background: Stopwatch.

RunCalc uses camera in Panoruna option to generate a real mountain background on which descriptions and shapes of mountains are applied in augmented reality. Photos taken with the application contain information about geographical coordinates (and sometimes also POI name) of the place from which the photo was taken, as well as date and time. RunCalc also uses camera image in Heart rate option to measure the heart rate based on images of blood flows in user's finger touching camera lens.

RunCalc writes and reads data from the memory card to take and describe photos in the Panoruna option. It can also read map image files, which are then displayed as map background in Stopwatch option.

RunCalc uses network connection to transfer data two-way between the application and RunCalc portal. RunCalc portal's privacy policy is described in a separate section.

According to GDPR I have my right to be forgotten by sending request to the data administrator e-mail to delete all data, along with all runs (trainings), personal records, peaks reached, etc.

RunCalc portal privacy policy

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