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My personal data will be collected, processed, used and transmitted in accordance with the data-protection legislation of the Republic of Poland and data protection regulations of EU (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR). The administrator of personal data is Robert Celiński from running club Byledobiec Anin. RunCalc portal processes data entered in the user's profile, information about logging into account, training data (including location, if provided), personal records, and mountain peaks reached. Part of the data can be set as private, so that they are available only to the logged-in user (read more). RunCalc portal does not use SSL encryption (the address starts with http, not https) and web browsers may indicate that the website is unsecured and you should not enter a password on it. An alternative solution was adopted that passwords are encrypted at the level of the user's browser, so that in network communication they are not visible to third parties who could potentially intercept it. Nevertheless, we recommend that you use a different password than on other websites. RunCalc portal itself does not store sensitive data, but by using the same password for the same e-mail address as on other portals, we may risk that someone will gain unwanted access to this data. RunCalc portal does not store data in cookie files. E-mail address must not be transferred to third parties and can be used only to inform me about RunCalc application and portal, along with Polskie Góry application. According to GDPR I have my right to be forgotten by sending request to the data administrator e-mail to delete all data, along with all runs (trainings), personal records, peaks reached, etc.

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