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RunCalc Course Player

RunCalc Course Player generates simulation of running on a specific course. The player uses Google Street View pictures and presents view in consecutive geo points. Along with pictures, you can watch course map with actual position. RunCalc Course Player shows also time, distance and navigation hints (turn right/left/around). Player's control panel manages switching between geo points on the course, PLAY button starts course movie. RunCalc Course Player is available in computer and mobile view. You can zoom in and zoom out the pictures, virtually turn around or make a few steps in chosen direction.

RunCalc Course Player uses courses registered on RunCalc portal. You can send them from GPS device, import from GPX file or draw on a map. Registered course can be easily modified (drag and drop points on a map) and corrected (elevation, distance, time). See details in this article. After defining training click link View on RunCalc Course Player.

There are a few rules you should follow to prepare courses for RunCalc Course Player. Before each turn it is advisable to draw one point and another just at the crossroad. It makes direction hints "turn left" more adequate.

RunCalc Course Player allows runners to visualize their favorite courses and share it with others. When somebody wants to run in unknown city, such a visualization of target course can be very helpful (e.g. it's good to know where to turn). RunCalc Course Player can also spice up your boring treadmill trainings.

RunCalc Course Player can be useful for race organizers who want to present race course on a map, elevation chart and visualize it. Biggest marathons in the world have course movies that. Preparing something like this is very time consuming. Using RunCalc Course Player is much simpler to achieve similar effect. I invite course organizers to cooperation in this area.

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