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Draw a course and edit your training on RunCalc portal

You ran without GPS but you would like to post your course on Facebook? You are going to run and you would like to know distance and elevation changes on the course. You are organizing a race and you would like to measure the course without running it? RunCalc has a solution for you :-)

At first, you should have an account on RunCalc portal and login to it. You start by adding a training. You can do it by clicking (+) on the list of your runs. Then, you fill in the form and choose "GPS" as Type.

You have two options of creating a new course. First is to draw its segments on a map. You should zoom in and set map position to cover the area you ran on. If you need larger screen, click "View laps on Google Maps". Then, you should click line icon, click in the start point and mark following points of the course. When you finish, click palm icon. All the points should be saved and you can refresh the page (F5).

Second option is to generate a few points around coordinates, and to edit the course by dragging and dropping markers. You can edit the course created by first method same way.

You can correct course profile and distance. You can use correction percent to take into account sinuosity of the course that increases the distance. If you set the last lap time (you can do it after editing the lap in modification mode - "Modify" key), you can set times for all intermediate laps (Pace equalization).

After all these steps you can view elevation chart, pace chart and post your training on Facebook. Generating course profile may be a very helpful feature. If you participate an a race and there's only course map available, you can easily draw it on RunCalc portal in a few minutes and generate its profile. You can see correction effect of inaccurate elevation profile on the charts below.

You can export the course to universal file format GPX (button Export to .gpx) and analyze it in external programs (e.g. SportTracks, Garmin Connect). You can also import a course from GPX file created in other devices (button Import .gpx). RunCalc would cumulate data to limit number of laps to 150.

GPS trainings can be watched on RunCalc Course Player. You can read more in this article.

You can also create and edit any type of run, e.g. interval and referee time measurement results.

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