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Peak search

Peak search is a new option on RunCalc portal that doesn't require registering. You can go there by clicking mountains in top menu. It's as simple as Google search - you can write peak name or its fragment, upper/lower case doesn't matter. You can check option Unique to get unique results (each from only one mountain range). Finally, we click Search and we get search result table that is sorted descending by peak elevation.

When we click name in Peak name column, we will be redirected to peak details and will be able to check its position on Google Maps.

You can copy URL (e.g. ) and send someone to show peak location. You can resume search or clear criteria.

From Import mountain ranges groups section you can get to a chosen mountain range group. You can sort by columns: number (N), Peak name (alphabetically), Altitude (descending). You can click any chose position in Peak name column, to check peak location.

The map alone contains a lot of information to read peak descriptions. You can zoom it in, hover the mouse over a peak or click it to read detailed information.

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